Here's a glimpse into the family life of Anthony Stewart Head's organ-repossession man, from Repo! The Genetic Opera. He's locked his sad little goth daughter Shiloh, played by Spy Kid Alexa Vega, in her room. So she dons a black wig and pasty white face paint to jerk and dance around in her fantasy rock concert world, unaware that her father is out harvesting the organs of people who can't make the bank payment on their shiny new innards. This new clip includes a behind the scenes look at goth girl's rock solo "17."

Possibly the best moment of this behind the scenes look is watching Alexa Vega do jazz hands to the piano version of her rock cry for attention and then it switches over to the rock version and she's all sex-kittened out slapping her sides. It's quite hilarious how different the two are. Also hilarious the "Suicide (something)" rock band they get to play the song, look at how hardcore they are smoking IN THE RECORDING STUDIO. You are truly a rebel, sleeveless t-shirt guy, truly.

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