There's a new picture of Harvey Dent's final destiny, from the Dark Knight. Is it real or fake? You decide. You can also judge whether a new Wolverine promo pic looks suitably stabby, and whether the new Astro Boy movie is true enough to the original. There's also a ton of new info about Heroes and Stargate. Plus a new Sarah Connor Chronicles trailer, and snippets about Lost and the American Life On Mars. Spoilers ahead!


Here's a new promo picture of Wolverine from his upcoming solo movie. [Filmonic]

The Dark Knight:

A trailer for The Dark Knight, from Wizard World, showcases more of the film's action sequences and gives a glimpse at Two Face right at the end. Plus here's a new clip, which you may have seen the first few seconds of.

Meanwhile, here's a picture of Harvey Dent as Two Face. I'm sort of thinking it's fake. What do you think? [Film Grenade]

Astro Boy:

The animated big-screen Astro Boy movie sticks pretty close to the source material. Dr. Tenma (Nicholas Cage) creates Astro Boy to replace his dead son, but then rejects him. We'll have a bit more sympathy for Dr. Tenma in this version than in the original, says director David Bowers. Astro Boy lives in a floating city, but then leaves to discover his place in the world. We meet characters from the manga, including HamEgg and Dr. Elefun, but also some new characters. And there are some cool robots. [Sci Fi Wire and Sci Fi Wire]


It sounds as though when Heroes' flying politician Nathan Petrelli recovers from his brush with death, he's able to see dead people, including Linderman. Or something. Meanwhile, more confirmation that Ali Larter will be playing a new character, with different powers. Also, hawt scientist Mohinder Suresh has a "love connection" with a hero we already know. And he may manifest actual superpowers at some point this season. There's more to Mohinder than meets the eye, but he may need to "scale back." (So he becomes a lizard Transformer??) [E! Online]


In the new TV Guide, Sylar actor Zachary Quinto suggests the new volume name, "Villains," might not be as clear-cut as you'd think. Claire's biological mom teaches her how to defend herself against Sylar. And the FutureClaire we meet early on is sick, dangerous and crazy. [Spoilerati]

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles:

Here's a new TV spot for Sarah Connor Chronicles season two, which hints at some new tensions around Summer Glau's mean-girl Terminator. [SpoilerTV]


You know how Kevin Durand said his psychopathic character Keamy would never show up on Lost again? Durand is changing his tune now, apparently, and hints that Keamy is not the sort of guy who dies easily. [Mr. Eko Files]


More detailed spoilers for the direct-to-DVD Stargate Continuum movie showed up at DVD Talk. The alien Tok'ra are preparing to remove Ba'al's murderous symbiote, leaving his human host unharmed, but Ba'al says this isn't over and the original Ba'al is still alive. Just as Ba'al is about to be punished, people start disappearing in plain sight and buildings vanish as if they were never there.


The SG-1 crew runs to the Stargate and winds up in the icy hold of a freighter. The gang is rescued by a team that includes one former team-member who doesn't know them in this timeline. Because one member of the SG-1 gang is dead in this alternate timeline, their rescue is a huge deal, and they're taken to be interrogated. In the end, the team is split up and forced to live mundane lives, and warned not to associate with each other or attempt to change the timeline.

One year later, Ba'al shows up to conquer everything, and the SG-1 gang has a narrow window to stop him. [DVD Talk]

Life On Mars:

The first episode of the American version of time-travel head-injury cop show Life On Mars will be called "Out Here In The Fields." [SpoilerTV]