The towering post-apocalyptic cyborg Overdog likes to capture hot young rat pack actors like Molly Ringwald, drug them... and put them into a maze. A crazy robot maze, made out of swinging buzz-saws, knifey monster truck wannabes, and acid pools. Molly can depend only on her wits, her agility, and her 16 Candles charm, in this scene from 1983's Spacehunter.

Spacehunter is a movie that has almost everything: Star Wars-esque space effects, a down-on-his-luck space bounty hunter, his sexy android sidekick (whose face melts), a Mad-Maxian wasteland with a pirate ship on rails (a pirate ship-train!), deadly smoke-belching "Vulture" hang-gliders, and sewer amazons who are looking for a "good breeding man" and have a pet water-dragon. Sadly, even though it was released in 3-D, the movie somehow failed to achieve its rightful status as a box-office bonanza. If it had, maybe Ringwald would have had a soaring science fiction career instead of doing Pretty In Pink?