He's a legendary figure in Star Wars mythology, a brutal military strategist who lead the Mandalorians to galactic infamy in the days of the Old Republic. With his Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders, Mandalore the Ultimate had a hand in shaping the galaxy we all came to know and love. Wizards of the Coast is releasing a pre-painted miniatures set and a campaign handbook for the Star Wars RPG focused on the exciting Old Republic era, and we've got an exclusive sneak preview of the Mandalore the Ultimate mini, as well as his stat card.

Taking up the mantle of Mandalore the Indomitable after his death at the Battle of Onderon, Mandalore the Ultimate shaped the ragtag Mandalorian warrior clans into a powerful mercenary force. Himself a Taung, the Predator-like alien race that made up the original Mandalorian clans, Mandalore the Ultimate recruited humans and other species to his banner. His decree of uniform armor for his warriors lead to the well-known "Mandalorian Battle Armor" worn by everyone's favorite jet-packed bounty hunter, Boba Fett.

Mandalore the Ultimate's inclusive recruiting strategies are reflected in his "everyone's a Mandalorian" ability. He deals out an impressive 30 damage with brutal speed, attacking up to three times in one turn. Mr. Ultimate is also an effective commander, giving all his troops a startling amount of battlefield mobility. Knights of the Old Republic booster packs will be released on August 8, while the KotoR campaign book for the Star Wars RPG will come out a few weeks later. The dual release is perfect for fans who have been longing to run a campaign n the Old Republic era. Images by: Wizards of the Coast.