It's got to be tough to be David Tennant these days. Sure, everyone loved him when he first started on Doctor Who, but by the end of the fourth season, it feels as if everyone wants to see him replaced and happens to have a suggestion of just who could manage to fill his shoes... even outgoing producer Russell T Davies. And Davies' suggestion is both unexpected and potentially awesome.

Before last weekend's conclusion to the Fourth Season was transmitted, British bookies were already so convinced that David Morrissey was going to replace David Tennant, that they'd stopped taking bets on the subject. That didn't stop former Doctor Sylvester McCoy putting in his two cents, however:

Eddie Izzard would be perfect. He's a bit eccentric and he dresses in women's clothes. Everyone would be happy!

Not quite sure what Izzard's transvestitism has to do with him being a good Doctor, but I have to admit that I wouldn't mind seeing him in the role, should Tennant decide to leave anytime soon. Russell T Davies is also favoring someone who wears woman's clothing for the role, if it were to become available, according to the UK's Guardian newspaper:

As we saw on Saturday, David Tennant lives to fight on in another Christmas special, which will be set in Victorian England and feature the Cybermen, as well as four other specials which begin filming in 2009. But Davies refuses to say whether Tennant will return when the full series returns in 2010, except that he has made his decision and that the BBC knows what it is. There's no point asking Davies, therefore, about rumours that James Nesbitt or Robert Carlyle will be taking control of the sonic screwdriver... Typically though, Davies can't help imagining Lesley Sharp or Judi Dench in the role, adding that he thinks Amy Winehouse would be "brilliant".

It's thinking-outside-the-box like that that genuinely makes me sad that Davies is giving up running the show next year.


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