Click to viewWhile the audience waits impatiently for the final half-season of Battlestar Galactica, the cast and crew have already moved on... kind of. Tricia Helfer has been talking about her experiences on the show, from how little she knew at the start to the reaction of the cast to the end of the show... even though that end keeps on staying out of reach.

Theoretically speaking about her upcoming role on USA's Burn Notice - it's no Psyche, let's face it, but it'll do for now - Helfer couldn't help herself from talking about the end of the show that made her famous. Possibly because they're not finished shooting yet:

[The last day was supposed to be] June 30, now it's July 7, but I think it'll kind be around July 12 that we finish. We've got a couple of very heavy episodes – not giving you a spoiler there, I just mean "heavy" in terms of a lot of work to get done. So I'm not sure what day it will be, but I bet it will go into the second week of July... I think they're fantastic scripts. Obviously, it's the end of the series, so things are going to be revealed, and all the questions are going to be answered. There's a lot to fit in. I've heard some fans say, whoa, there's so much in every episode, and that's certainly not going to change in the last half of the season, there's so much to get out there. It's intense.

All our reactions to reading script [among the cast], we talked about it – some people broke down in tears, I felt like I was punched in the stomach. More so out of a mixture of feelings like, wow, that's why this happened, but also [sadness about the end of an era] – I was sitting on a plane, and it was like, "This is the last ‘Battlestar' script I'll read." So there was that mixed into it.

There's some really heartwarming stuff, there's some very damaging, sad stuff. It's such a commentary on human behavior and social behavior and where our world is and can go. I find the last episode is quite fascinating, the study of life.

Just as fascinating was how little information Helfer was given about her character when the show started:

Ron Moore had put out a series bible at the beginning of Season 1. In it, he had written a couple of pages of backstory for every lead character. For Number Six, it was one line: "The machine as woman." Everybody else had two or three pages! [laughs] I went to Ron and I said, "You're killing me. I have no clue about this character." And he said, "I can't give you a backstory, because I haven't decided everything about the Cylons yet."

You see, while the Cylons may have had a plan, the people controlling the Cylons...? Not so much.


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