New stills from the direct-to-DVD Stargate: Continuum give us more Vala cleavage and Teal'c bad assery. Click through to see a gallery of new Stargate: Continuum pictures from the movie that brings together the whole evil system of the past, with some spoilers.

I'm so excited for the return of Qetesh, and to watch Teal'c do Ba'al's bidding. But even more than that, I'm stoked for the Goa'uld System Lords. Look, more pics of Ra! What is Ba'al going to do to him? I hope he makes him cry like the little man-girl he is. And oooh - Cronus looks pissed. Probably because Teal'c is jumping at the chance for a beat down. I'm getting really excited for this movie, especially because I think it will finally show Ba'al's cunning intellect winning out over every other Goa'uld. [Stargate MGM]