The language of UFOs is universal. That's why, when you travel across countries and continents, you'll always find structures that look like UFOs. More importantly, you'll find spaceship-esque buildings that somebody out there has called a UFO on Flickr. In other words: The only thing more universal than the UFO is the compulsion to call any freaky round building a UFO. Above, you can see a UFO that landed in the middle of a city in Nanning, China — captured on film by Peigianlong. Want to see more UFOs from around the world? Check out our collection.

Down in Rio, Brazil, the flying saucers look a little inverted but are still sleek and lovely.

Piatus snapped this shot.

In Spain, meanwhile, this glorious building looks just like a landed UFO, according to photographer Dags1974.

And of course people in Florida, United States, have their own special take on the UFO. Just crash it into a building.

Tony the Misfit took this one. Some things aren't entirely universal.