One of the most widely-read science fiction novels across the globe, H.G. Wells' War of the Worlds has been in print continuously since the late nineteenth century. And it's had a lot of book covers: artistic, fancy, pulpy, and just plain strange. Now, over at Chez Zeus, there's a collection of over 100 (and growing) covers from the book that readers have sent in. You can browse them by date, artist, language, and image on the cover. By far my favorite collection of of the covers is grouped under the header "Huh?" See a few below.

I love the random toothy guy, and the picture of the Starship Enterprise zooming across the top of one of those books. Hey, if it's science fiction, it must have the Enterprise in it, right?

Check out more War of the Worlds covers for minutes of diverting amusement, and upload your own!

War of the Worlds Book Cover Collection [Chez Zeus via Core77]