Here you can see the massive operation that constitutes the Stan Winston Studio. There are entire warehouse-sized areas devoted to sculpture, molding, even creating hair. Plus there is a massive department for working on the controls for animatronic creatures like robots or Teddy from A.I. CGI creatures just don't have the heft and visual sheen of tangible models. I think Teddy and the Jurassic Park dinosaurs are particularly good examples of that. Though both movies used CGI, it was also intercut with a healthy dose of models from Winston Studios. What you also see, flipping through these pictures, is that a lot of artistry goes into conceiving of the creatures you'll be seeing in upcoming movies like Avatar and Terminator 4. Every hair on the body of an animatronic beast has to be perfectly combed onto a sculpted skeleton. If you want to see even more amazing pictures from the Stan Winston Studios, go on the "studio tour" at Stan Winston Studios' website.