Click to view Early concept art for The Incredible Hulk from character designer Aaron Sims helps to explain the Hulk's evolution. This more Frankenstein-esque version was part of Sims' attempt to add more humanity to the Hulk... before Sims went in the opposite direction and saw how crazy he could make the green berzerker. Click through to see a gallery of the Hulks and Abominations that never reached the screen.

In an interview with XSI Base Sims explained that Hulk's director, Louis Leterrier, had him chugging away at Hulk concept art even before there was a script.


Sims said he "started with a more basic human look, but still keeping with the iconic Hulk, and it grew from there. After that, I went really over the top to see how far we could push it, and then pulled it back to what you see in the movie."

The Abomination was very different from the comic and Sims explained that they wanted "it to look like it was growing from within and the bones and muscle would break through the skin."

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