Here's your spoiler warning. The first details are starting to leak out about the Knight Rider TV show, which follows up last winter's TV movie, and it sounds just as demented as you could possibly expect. There's also another batch of Transformers 2 set reports and spoilers. And a ton of official info about the remaining few episodes of British time-travel soap Doctor Who. A casting call reveals a major new character joining the cast of The Middleman, and there are also new hints about Heroes and Lost. That was your spoiler warning. Read spoilers? (Y/N)

Transformers 2:

There's a ton of new Transformers 2 spoilers. A description of the movie's video game confirms that now the Transformers will have vehicle, robot or "weapon" modes. And it's pretty definite that Arcee, the girl-robot, will split into three different pink motorcycles when she's in vehicle mode. There's a new character, Leo, who seems to be getting cozy with Mikaela (Megan Fox) — which may indicate that Mikaela and Sam are no longer dating in the second movie. And fans caught the first glimpse at a scale model of Starscream, the Decepticon that's also F-22 Raptor. Here are a couple of pics. [Slashfilm]



Doctor Who:

Those Doctor Who pics we featured the other day, of evil scientist Davros and his red Dalek creation, have now appeared in British tabloid The Sun. Which makes them slightly more official. [Outpost Gallifrey]


There are some new British magazine scans that give some clues about the last few episodes of season four. In "Turn Left," Donna's on an alien planet and she goes to see a fortune teller, who delves into her past. (And according to one interview with writer Russell T. Davies, the fortune-teller "casts a spell" on Donna.) And then suddenly we see Donna in a world where she's never met the Doctor. Instead, she meets Rose, who calls her the "most important woman in creation." There's a "circle of mirrors" that Donna has to go back to, to make everything right.

In the season finale, we may get some closure on that interrupted conversation between the Doctor and Rose in Bad Wolf Bay, from the end of season two. (Where she told him she loved him, and he was conveniently cut off.) Also, Martha Jones' cellphone, still aboard the TARDIS, will be "very important" to the season finale. There's a nice moment that emphasizes how much the different companions mean to the Doctor, and how he needs them in different ways. And here's a nice pic. [Spoiler TV]


Knight Rider:

There's a casting call for the first episode of NBC's smart-car show Knight Rider. The episode will include a bad-ass ex-special forces soldier named Kelli, who hijacks "the package" from Mike and doesn't kill him only because she owes him. (Although he doesn't remember meeting her.) As for "the package," his name is Jay Hunt, a nervous guy whose DNA holds "the cipher that can decipher any code." Really. And then there's Jackson, an ex-military henchman who's willing to do whatever it takes to find Mike. [Spoiler TV]

Meanwhile, Paul Campbell (Billy from Battlestar Galactica) will play the head research technician at Knight Industries. [TV Guide]


The Middleman:

And there's also a casting call for the ninth episode of straight-edge superhero show The Middleman. We meet Guy Doddard aka 69, who's a former Middleman cryogenically frozen in 1969. He's a hard-drinking, smoking sexist whose unfrozen to fight one of his old enemies, whom everyone thought was dead. And then he's unwilling to cede his power to the current Middleman, and may try to trick the gullible Wendy into helping him with some nefarious scheme.

We also meet Derek, who lived near a supervillain named the Candle, who could melt anything at room temperature. When the Candle died, Derek inherited his raygun and was instructed to use it for the good of humanity — but couldn't resist using the gun to rob a jewelry store instead. And then there's Lord Jeremiah Purcell, a foppish British arms dealer who runs an arcane card game that's often played to the death. He welcomes the undercover 69 and Wendy as new players, but turns ugly when he realizes they're hiding something. [Spoiler TV]



In Heroes season three, archvillain Sylar will have a "change of heart" and turn out to be connected to one of the heroes we already know. []


Captain Gault, the freighter captain who died towards the end of Lost season four, will be back for a few scenes in season five, probably in a flashback. [Lost Room 23]