Here's the first picture of Gerard Butler from Game, the movie about prisoners being forced to play a deadly game to the death, while they're controlled by spoiled teenagers. He looks every bit the psycho killing machine, dealing out death and destruction at the whim of his rich online controller. Writer/directors Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor (the Crank movies) promise "sex and violence and twisted shit from our brain," but also intense drama. Click through for details, and another pic.

We've blogged about this movie a couple times, but not recently. In a nutshell, Butler is Kable, a convict who's stuck in a deadly online multi-player game (like Death Race, but without cars) and if he wins 30 games, he gets his freedom. A resistance group that opposes inventor Ken Castle's online games sees Kable as a crucial part of their effort to take down the game. Acording to Neveldine and Taylor, there's a huge action sequence involving a battered old truck and two snow-plows. The movie also features B-movie babe Amber Valletta, in a candy-floss blue wig, and Milo Ventimiglia (Peter from Heroes) as a nasty guy named Rick Rape.


The duo are currently working on Crank 2, and they speculate about how cool it would be to have Crank star Jason Statham fight Game star Butler in a cage match — or maybe the two could star in a gay porn together. (Tonight, we bareback in Hell?) [Empire, via Rama's Screen]