Either Michael Bay isn't doing that great a job of keeping spoiler-loving fans away from the filming of Transformers 2 — or he's going to extreme lengths to stage fake shooting for the benefit of fans. Read our latest set reports (with pics) and decide for yourself. You can also decide for yourself whether two mega-spoilery Doctor Who photos are real. And also, it's up to you whether you believe two actors when they spill some wacky details about Heroes season three. But you have no choice but to believe our revelations about The Spirit, G.I. Joe, Wall-E and Babylon A.D., because they come with photographic proof. And you can verify our spoilers for The Middleman, by watching tonight's debut episode. As Reagan would say, it's all about "Trust but verify" in spoiler-land.

Transformers 2:

Here's a silver concept car that was spotted on the set of Transformers 2 in Philadelphia. Fans speculate it's a 2009 Saturn Astra sedan, or a Corvette C7. (More at the link.) [Transformers Live via Seibertron]

And some other set photos show Bumblebee and Shia, plus a shot that required exact measurements of elbow-to-car-door distance. [Flickr via Latino Review]

Another set report involves a scene at a frat party at "the Castle," where Shia has parked Bumblebee in the bushes. Some cute coeds walk past, oohing and aahing over the cool car. And then Bumblebee's alarm sounds, and Shia runs outside. Some frat boys get pissed that a freshman parked his car in the bushes, but Shia says it's a friend's car and he just parked it there for a moment. The frat boys are all like, "why don't I park my foot in your ass?" and Shia says he'll move the car. Then he roars off to deal with some Decepticons. [Tformers.com]

G.I. Joe:

Remember that G.I. Joe drill vehicle we showed you from the New York Licensing Show? Apparently it's called the Mole Pod, and Cobra operatives — possibly including Destro and Storm Shadow — use it to tunnel into G.I. Joe headquarters at the Pit. Here's a video. [The Man Room]


Here's a new Wall-E featurette that talks about the cinematography (with the help of industry legend Roger Deakins), but more importantly shows a bit more of the Tomorrowland-inspired world the humans live in — which is jammed with consumerist holographic banners for Buy'n'Large stuff, including some gross-looking fast food. [First Showing]

The Spirit:

Remind me again how Frank Miller's The Spirit movie isn't another Sin City? Here's a new poster that showcases how Scarlett Johansson will look as Silken Floss, and apparently she's a naughty dominatrix. Click to enlarge:

Doctor Who:

Supposedly these are leaked pictures of Davros and the new Red Dalek from the end of the current season of time-travel dramedy Doctor Who. They look pretty genuine to me, for what it's worth. [Cathode Ray Tube]

And Digital Spy once again has nine true spoilers and two fake ones for next Saturday's Doctor-lite episode, "Turn Left." It makes sense that we'll once again see characters from "Smith And Jones" and shots of the Titanic crashing from "Voyage Of The Damned," since we'll be revisiting those episodes without the Doctor's involvement. And it seems plausible that Rose would warn Donna that Davros "lives." [Doctor Who Hideout]


Meanwhile, there are non-jerking-around spoilers for "Turn Left" in a British magazine article. The episode is "bookended" by scenes in "our" reality, but the rest of the episode takes place in an alternate reality. Donna drives in a different direction (turns left instead of right) on the day she met the Doctor - so she never meets him. She starts seeing flashes of a mysterious blonde woman (Rose) who warns her that time and space are fracturing. Rose won't say her own name, and says she can't say certain words in certain places because of the unraveling of the space/time continuum. And Donna has a beetle thingy on her back. The episode ends with a ginormous cliffhanger back in the "real" reality. (And I'm actually quite looking forward to this one — I love alternate reality "what if" stories.) [Bad Wolf One]

The Middleman:

Some more spoilers for The Middleman, the superhero show that starts tonight on ABC Family. One minute Wendy is answering phones at a laboratory, the next she's fighting "a tentacled beastie with 10 eyes." The Middleman, impressed with her prowess, tries to recruit her and tells her supervillains are real. How come she never knew this before, she asks. He replies: "People want to believe reality's normal. The ones who don't are freaks and no one believes them, anyway." Wendy accepts a gig fighting crime at his side, but more just because she needs the work. Also tonight, a killer is gunning down scientists and leaving a banana peel at the scene of each crime — and an ape lab run by Mary Jo Rajskub (24) may be involved. At one point Wendy asks someone, "Did you skinny dip in the stupidity pool?" and there's a black-and-white homage to the 1960s TV show The Avengers, with John Steed and Mrs. Peel. [Boston Herald]


Also, apparently the whole first episode is available as a free download on iTunes. But you have to give them a credit card number, which I refuse to do. [iTunes, via Buzzsugar]


In the new Heroes season, Greatest American Hero star William Katt plays a seedy reporter who chases after Nikki Sanders (Ali Larter), in whatever personality she's expressing this time around. [Newsarama]

And Linderman, the shadowy Vegas manipulator played by Malcolm McDowell, will be back for five episodes in Heroes season three. Yes, nobody is ever gone forever from that show. (Although it could be flashbacks only, you never know. McDowell seemed to hint his character would be back for realz though.) [Superhiro]

Babylon A.D.:

Here are a few new stills from Vin Diesel's new post-apocalyptic movie Babylon A.D. [DVD Forum via IESB]