Too busy prepping your zombie for reality TV auditions all week? Don't worry - we've created a collection of the week's best stories for your pleasure.

William Gibson Talks to io9 About Canada, Draft Dodging, and Godzilla

We caught up with Gibson at a coffee shop downtown, and we chatted about everything from Godzilla movies and draft-dodging, to the novel he's always dreamed of writing.

10 Hollywood Designers To Watch Out For

Science fiction is all about creating strange and incredible worlds, whether they're the future of Earth or a far-off planet. Here's our roundup of the 10 designers whose work is exciting us the most right now - and whose forthcoming projects you should watch out for.

Superheroes Who Can't Have Sex

Two of this summer's biggest movies star superheroes who can't get laid - or terrible things will happen. But in any case, these heroes aren't alone - a vow of chastity has been part of the "great responsibility" that has come with superheroes' great power for years now. Here's a list of great superheroes who can never get any.

Top Ten Most Realistic Planets in Science Fiction

Oftentimes, our heroes will visit the desert planet, or the Irish planet. But the best extraterrestrial worlds in science fiction are the ones with variety and a realistic ecosystem. Here's our guide to the most realistic - and interesting - planets in science fiction.

Iron Man 2 Will Have More Armored Heroes, But No Drunken Armor Mastery

Iron Man's coolest armored sidekick, War Machine will have a major role in Iron Man 2, says actor Terrance Howard. Filming for the Iron Man sequel starts next March, in the hopes of meeting the film's release date, set for April 2010.

The Last Airbender Will Be M. Night Shyamalan's Star Wars

M. Night Shyamalan has finished his script for The Last Airbender, the live action movie based on Nickelodeon's epic cartoon, Avatar - and he's told Paramount and Nickelodeon that he thought they had a new Star Wars on their hands.

Whatever Happened To These 7 Awesome Movie Projects?

Remember when we were promised a remake of Fahrenheit 451, or a new Barbarella starring Rose McGowan? What happened to those movies?

Jane Espenson On Battlestar's Morbid Humor And Superstitious Atheists

We decided to ask writer Jane Espenson - whose trademark Buffy wit finally got to shine in a BSG episode - a few questions about the most recent episode.

Six Astounding Young Adult Novels of the Pre-Potter Era

The success of Harry Potter has established that the young adult market in fiction can be insanely lucrative, as have other successful scifi series like Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy and Scott Westerfield's Uglies series. We've got six more great, old-school YA books for you to rediscover or read for the first time.

Man-hating Amazons and Bastard Children Make This Week's Comics Fun For All The Family

This is hardly a banner week for comic stores, and no, that's not a pun to tie in with the upcoming Incredible Hulk movie. While there may be lots of new books coming out, it's fairly light on ones that'll grab your attention unless you're looking to read up on this summer's big movie heroes before hitting the theaters.