So, first we have Incredible Hulk director Louis Letterier saying that we "might see" Captain America in the new Hulk movie, then we hear that that scene's been cut from the theatrical release. Now we have the movie's producer telling us that Captain America is in the theatrical version of the movie after all... sort of.

According to Latino Review's interview with The Incredible Hulk's producer, Gale Anne Hurd, there's a version of Captain America in the new movie, it's just that it's not an entirely human version:

LatinoReview: What was Louis talking about when he said Captain America was in the film?

Hurd: He didn't really mean the character of Captain America, unless there's something that I don't know. It's the serum.

LatinoReview: I felt that there was a presence around the film of Captain America, and not that you actually see him.

Hurd: Exactly.

LatinoReview: Is Captain America in the frozen tundra? Cause on the trailer we see Banner walking on the tundra and I wanted to know if Captain America was in that scene or not?

Hurd: Captain America was not visible in that scene.

LatinoReview: There was a lot of talk because you do see the Captain America shield in 'Iron Man'

Hurd: Right. Well we do have the serum. If you look at the movie again you'll see that the serum is Captain America.

May I be the first to say "Oh, bullshit." The serum is the cameo that Letterier was touting? Seriously? Either this is some kind of cover-up for something that wasn't supposed to be leaked ahead of time, Letterier is astoundingly literal (I mean, sure, the serum makes him Captain America, but does that really make the serum itself Cap?), or Hurd is just dancing around hoping that everyone'll stop asking the question.


One thing's for sure: Looks like we have confirmation that the Marvel movies are following the Ultimate line of comics in terms of backstory... Maybe this means we'll get a movie version of Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends after all.

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