Wondering what happened to the Captain America cameo we were promised in The Incredible Hulk? It's gone, thanks to Marvel's busy editing scissors. You may also notice some key scenes that were in the movie's own trailers don't show up in the theatrical release. Marvel cut a full 70 minutes of agonizing Bruce Banner guilt out of the theatrical release, to make the movie more sunshiny and family-friendly.

According to director Louis Letterier, they cut out a scene where Bruce goes to the Arctic to commit suicide when he realizes there isn't a cure for his Hulk side (but it's in the trailer — see screenshot above.) But more importantly than Banner's Hulk-related depression is that was the scene where he ran into Captain America. So now everyone will have to wait until the DVD, or until it's leaked on the internet. Do you really think that's the reason they cut out the Captain? My guess is they couldn't agree on casting, or how much of him to show. [Cinemablend]