Things are always changing here at io9, especially since we got those awesome new biosynth vats. Now that I'm done making glowing kitties with wings, I'd like to introduce some new staffers too. First of all, we have upgraded Graeme McMillan's brain implant and turned him into a full-time editor. He'll start his duties as Weekend Editor at the end of June. So yes, you'll finally start seeing weekend posts from us during the last weekend of the month. Don't say we never gave you any toys you asked for! We also have two awesome interns joining us for the summer.

Lauren Davis lives in Boston. As with most things in life, she blames her love of science fiction on her mother, who spent a good portion of her pregnancy watching late-night Star Trek reruns. Lauren majored in biomedical ethics at Brown (where she wrote her senior thesis on religion and human cloning), but summarily slipped and fell into law school. Since reemerging, she has been working various feudal positions in online media and running a small writing site.

Andrew Hudson studies politics and writing at Fordham University in New York City, on his way to becoming a journalist. He reads a lot of comic books, plays too many video games, and wiles away the hours as a sort of Internet dandy. He has a black belt in karate and always, always sweeps the leg.