Sure, everyone's all excited about the new Incredible Hulk movie - well, aside from the killjoys who want to point out that it's not scientifically possible - but what about the people who'd rather see Bruce Banner's Mean Green alter-ego get into some gladitorial action in deep space without paying $40 for the Planet Hulk collection? Marvel Comics are coming to your rescue with Hulk Saga, a free online recap of what happens when you send gamma-irradiated killing machines into orbit.

Created both as a primer to bring new moviegoing fans up to date with the character's status in the comics and also as an introduction to this week's Skaar, Son of Hulk series, the digital comic - Sorry, people who hate the shitty Flash-based interface of Marvel's official digital comic site - does its best to quickly run through the last couple of years of Hulk comics in ten pages, telling you all you need to know about how the best laid plans of Iron Man and Mr. Fantastic resulted in the destruction of a planet and getting their asses kicked by grumpy aliens as a result. Sure, you miss out on the subtlety and explosions for the most part, but that's the kind of thing that you have to pay money for.

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