Ever since this weird teaser trailer for Seth Rogen's apocalyptic movie leaked out a year ago, we've been wondering when we'll actually get to see the Knocked Up uber-dork outlive us all. Now we know: Rogen andKnocked Up co-star Jay Baruchel will go nuts together in Jay and Seth vs. the Apocalypse for Mandate Pictures. The two friends get locked in one room together after the apocalypse, and comedic gold results, according to Rogen. Fingers crossed it's more brilliant Rogen work and not a studio forcing him to make an "American" Shaun Of The Dead.

The plot is based around two buddies just dealing with the end of the world (no mentions of zombies, wars or plagues of locusts just yet.) The idea was based on a short story Rogen worked on in the past and he will be writing and producing along with Superbad scribe Evan Goldberg. Mandate hopes to begin shooting in 2009. [Variety]