It's a video-heavy edition of Morning Spoilers, including an R-rated Wanted trailer (that gives away a big plot twist), a revealing clip from Friday's Battlestar Galactica, a cute new Hancock clip, and a new Middle Man trailer. And the last dribs and drabs of Incredible Hulk spoilers are still popping up. But we're most excited about news of a long-awaited reunion on Heroes, and tons of new details about Joss Whedon's Dollhouse. The reign of spoilers begins here!


Here's a new clip from Hancock, which just went online. (A few moments of it were in the trailer, but not the part with the car, I guess.) I have to admit I'm warming to this movie a bit. But the immortal-god thing is still a stumbling block for me, I guess. [Comic Book Resources]

The Incredible Hulk:

We've pretty much reached spoiler saturation point on the new Hulk movie — in large part thanks to Marvel releasing half the film as trailers and TV spots — but there are still a few bits and bobs coming out.


Actor Greg Bryk says he plays a member of an elite squad of commandos, who are hand-picked to chase down Bruce Banner. They drop into Brazil and chase Banner through the slums of Rio, across the rooftops, "parkour" style. And it ends very, very badly for these soldiers when Banner turns into the Hulk. [SliceofScifi]


And here's the "redband" (R-rated) trailer for Wanted, which includes more violence and (gasp!) Morgan Freeman saying the "MF" word. It also gives away more plot twists from the film, including a character death. It's also downloadable via iTunes. [Canmag]

Battlestar Galactica:

Here's a new clip from Saturday's Battlestar Galactica episode, "Revelations." Any clue why she's asking for only four Cylons? (Except for the obvious reason that the producers don't want to reveal the fifth yet?) [Gateworld]


Firefly creator Joss Whedon's new mindwiped super-agents show Dollhouse will introduce two characters for the first time in its second episode: the Actives' personal physician, Dr. Claire "The Phantom" Saunders (Amy Acker) and November, an Active who specializes in personal missions instead of criminal ones. But we'll glimpse Dr. Saunders in the pilot.


Also, among the characters that Eliza Dushku's Echo will become early on are a world-weary alcoholic, helping fellow addict Danika make it through a rough patch, a man's stunning date to his ex-girlfriend's wedding, and a Spanish-speaking thug who intimidates a gang of fellow criminals.

Adelle, who runs the Dollhouse, tells a client: ""This will be the purest, most genuine human encounter of your life. And hers. It is a treasure. One I guarantee you will never, never forget."

After a mission, Echo feels compelled to return to the Dollhouse, and we follow her through the memory-scrubbing process administered by uber-nerd Topher. During downtime, she's childlike and empty, having conversations like: "Echo: I swam thirty laps today. Sierra: Good for you. Echo: I'm tired now. Sierra: It's important to exercise. I try to do my best."

Topher realizes Echo, Victor and Sierra always seem to herd together — which may indicate they're starting to keep some memories. He tells Boyd, the Actives' handler. Boyd and Topher the programmer share this exchange: "Boyd: If this isn't the second coming or giant bats I'm gonna kick your tiny boy ass. Topher: Giant bats would be awesome." Boyd is worried Adelle will have the three Actives killed if she suspects they're retaining memories, but Adelle is too preoccupied with throwing FBI agent Paul Ballard (Battlestar's Tahmoh Penikett) off the Dollhouse's scent, using Echo as bait. There's way more at the link. [The Futon Critic via Whedonesque]


Jesse, the new Heroes badass played by Francis Capra, does have at least one scene with Elle (his former Veronica Mars castmate Kristen Bell) and also crosses paths with Peter. [12-12-12]


Oh, also, I forgot to mention that the time-traveling dark-haired Claire says she has always loved her uncle Peter right before she shoots him in the first episode of the new season. And we'll meet Daphne, Hiro's speedster arch-enemy, in the first episode of the new season. Also, the Aboriginal storyteller we've mentioned is named Usutu, and he appears in (at least) the third and fourth episodes of the new season, played by N'Tare Mwine. [Watching Heroes]

The Middleman:

Here's a new trailer for The Middleman, which gives you more of a sense of Wendy's journey from jilted girlfriend and art student to kickass superhero. Why are you not jumping up and down with excitement?