Two regular guys fall into an alien teleportation device and find themselves on a planet of crazy people in Kin-Dza-Dza!, a 1986 Russian movie that satirizes the declining USSR by having people act very very silly for 135 minutes. It's basically like the longest Monty Python sketch in history: the Plukanians only say the word "Koo!" (they're telepathic or something) until they eventually learn some Russian. And there's lots of silly behavior, like the funny pumpy bouncing in this clip.

The Plukanians have bizarre customs, including the fact that when we see two guys, one of them always has a bell hanging from one nostril. And they have a little device that looks like a thumb drive, but can tell whether you're upper class or lower class by scanning you (which one of the Plukanians attempts to do in this clip.) They're technologically advanced but have weird shortages, and a box of matches our travelers are carrying becomes the most valuable object on the planet. An animated remake (hopefully with English subtitles) is in the works for next year.