Why he rules: Richard Hudolin has put his design stamp on no fewer than three iconic science fiction TV series. He worked on the 1996 TV movie of time-travel space opera Doctor Who, and he designed the best ever control room for the Doctor's time machine, the TARDIS. It's elegant Victorian (I'm not going to say "steampunk," but it sort of is) lines had a huge influence on the version currently on air — just check out those huge curvy bulkheads and the nice big open space. And then he went on to design the sets for Stargate SG-1, including two different versions of the Stargate and a whole host of sets for the main silo. And then he went on to design the sets and concepts for the new version of robot holocaust show Battlestar Galactica, including the new Vipers.

Hudolin won the 2001 Leo Award, Best Production Design of a Dramatic Series for "Stargate: SG-1" and the 2001 Gemini Award, Best Production Design in a Dramatic Series for "Stargate." Here's a video of him talking about designing Stargate SG-1's iconic Stargate set and some of the fantastic alien worlds featured on the show every week (from ADG Wiki):

What he's working on: The BSG prequel show Caprica.

BSG set pics from Hollywood North Report. Doctor Who pics from Doctor Who's Tragical History Tour.