One of the most underexposed Star Wars villains could be getting more of an outing soon. Grand Moff Tarkin only appeared in the original Star Wars, before exploding along with his precious Death Star. But Peter Cushing's iconic evil bureaucrat also had a brief appearance in Revenge Of The Sith — played by Wayne Pygram, Farscape's uber-villain Scorpius — and now it looks as though you can see him again in the trailer for the animated Clone Wars movie and TV series. Fans are even speculating that Pygram could play him again in the new live-action TV show. Click through for details.

The Clone Wars trailer includes one brief shot of a general and a politician talking via hologram to Mace Windu and Yoda — and the politician certainly looks like Governor Tarkin, who is destined to rise to the exalted rank of Grand Moff. Tarkin was a key ally of Senator Palpatine in his rise to imperial power, so it makes sense that we'll see more of him in Clone Wars, which takes place before Revenge Of The Sith.


And since the live-action Star Wars show takes place between Revenge Of The Sith and A New Hope, it may include Tarkin's rise to power. This is the era when Tarkin goes from being just another local ruler, of the Seswenna sector, to being the grandest of all the moffs. And who better to portray the scheming Tarkin's slow power grab than Scorpius himself?

The Tarkin-spotting exercise comes as part of an amazing post over at, where a designer compares screenshots from the Clone Wars trailer with the original designs from super-designer Ralph McQuarrie and the other designers who created the look of the original trilogy. The cool light patterns, weird arches and domes and other shapes look directly lifted from some of the original trilogy's drawings — including some concept art that was never used in the original films, such as the original Boba Fett armor. And one hallway scene from the trailer looks awfully like the inside of the original Death Star — could we see the Death Star under construction? []