Ritualistic murders, mind-altering zombie drinks and burka-donning, scar-faced villagers come out of the indie woodwork for John R. Hand's latest film. Hand, writer and director of Frankenstein's Bloody Nightmare, is busy filming his next scifi indie movie: Scars Of Youth. The story follows a young man named Paul and his mother in a post-apocalyptic future where she's part of a youth cult that turns her into a deformed zombie to prolong her life. Click through to see film set pics from Hand's production blog (one NSFW picture in there).

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The back story is that the world has been ruined by several World Wars. Paul lives with his Mother in the middle of a remote woods, where his mom's cult mines a black liquid drink that keeps her alive forever. In typical zombie-induction fashion, the drink decays the host's body and they become deformed and mindless. Basically, there's a lot of full frontal mom decay. Eventually Paul realizes he's got to get his mother out of the black fluid daze and acts. What's most interesting about this movie, though, are Hand's references to George Orwell: the characters are constantly being watched by secret government cameras.

It should be interesting to see where this project goes.

[JRH Films via Twitch]