Harrison Ford's science will save two small children suffering from Pompe disease in CBS's new movie Crowley, based on the true story of a real life family's struggle from the book, The Cure. Ford is cast as the plays-by-his-own-rules scientist hell bent on finding the cure for the genetic disease Pompe, which gradually degenerates the victim's muscle tissue until it's impossible to even breathe.

The plot follows the family of John and Aileen Crowley whose children are suffering from this rare genetic disease. Pompe is in in fact so rare that there was little to no research on it. When his children were diagnosed, John Crowley quit his job and started his own biotechnology company with his life savings trying to find a cure. The relentless pursuit of a cure leads him to Ford's doorstep. Crowley is written by The Water Horse scribe Robert Nelson Jacobs, who was inspired by an article about the family in the Wall Street Journal and the later book The Cure. Tom Vaughan (What Happens in Vegas) is in negotiations to direct and Ford will also be producing the film. [Variety]