A design company called Atomic Tarantula has just launched a line of scifi-themed t-shirts that look like cool, minimalist art until you give them a second glance. At first, you'll think this tee design is merely a neat, stylized image of Sputnik. But the lettering says "Spocknik," a mashup word that combines Spock, Sputnik, and Beatnik and somehow evokes a surly hipster Star Trek fan with a World War II iconography fixation. Check out some more cool Atomic Tarantula designs below, including ones that refer to the Tyrell Corp. in Bladerunner, and a really cool portrait of the HAL-9000.

You can see a bunch more designs at the Atomic Tarantula website. I have the "damn dirty apes" tee and have gotten a lot of compliments on it!

Atomic Tarantula [official site]