As if you needed another reason to go and see The Incredible Hulk outside of the possibility of another gamma-irradiated box office bomb and a cameo from Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark, director Louis Letterier let slip a pretty big, previously-unknown, potential guest shot this weekend. One that ties in with both Iron Man and also two future Marvel movies. Spoilers after the jump.

According to an interview on G4's Attack of the Show, next weekend's Hulk movie may feature the first movie appearance of a certain star-spangled Avenger. Letterier explained:

Did you know that in Iron Man, there's the Captain America shield? Okay, good... In Hulk, you might see Captain America himself.

It's already been announced that we're going to get a movie tentatively called The First Avenger: Captain America in 2011, ahead of that summer's The Avengers team-up between Iron Man, Thor et al. Does the possible Cap cameo in Hulk mean that the Marvel movies are going down the Ultimates route of having the creation of the Hulk come from an attempt to duplicate the formula that created Captain America in the 1940s?

Expect all to be revealed this weekend.

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