There's just nothing cooler than a multi-headed creature, as the ancient Greeks knew when they invented Cerberus, the three-headed dog at the gates of hell. The many-noggined have shown up all over science fiction too: There's everyone from Ghidorah the three-headed giant alien monster, to Zaphod Beeblebrox the two-headed alien who stole the Heart of Gold in Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Some of these multi-headed creatures could conceivably exist in real life, and some couldn't. Here's our guide to the polycephalitic from fiction — and from reality!

MYTH: Ghidorah, an alien giant monster who fights Godzilla, has three heads and gets along just fine.

FACT: A turtle with three heads lives at a Chinese monastery and apparently walks in a zig-zag pattern because it can't decide which direction to go.

MYTH: Zaphod Beeblebrox, the disgraced child of royalty, can steal spaceships and has occasional arguments between his two heads.


FACT: A pair of conjoined twins, with two heads and one body, live quite happily in Minnesota and are pretty much the most ordinary pair of teens you could meet. They don't steal spaceships, and they try to share everything so they won't get into fights.

MYTH: A two-headed salamander hangs out in the virtual world eXistenZ, from David Cronenberg's eponymous flick. It runs around and squeaks and is downright cute.

FACT: A two-headed snake born in a US aquarium will live an average lifespan, apparently because both its head are connected to one stomach. Sadly, its owners couldn't sell it on eBay.

MYTH: Doduo is a fierce Pokemon creature who has the power of flight, and can put its two heads together to solve problems. When it reaches level 31, it gains a third head!


FACT: A two-headed partridge lived in Boston in the late nineteenth century and was said to have matured into adulthood with both heads intact.

MYTH: The Puppeteers are a race of two-headed creatures in Larry Niven's universe, whose heads are essentially camouflage because their brains are actually encased in their bodies. In Ringworld, one Puppeteer gets a pleasure-inducing weapon embedded in one of his heads to use in case his human companions get out of line.

FACT: A two-headed turtle, pictured in the video below, doesn't need a pleasure-inducing weapon because he's so damn cute that you'll be reduced to cooing instantly.

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Turtle With Two Heads