Boom goes the dynamite, as Jason Statham unflinchingly walks away from a splodey fireball, as his new film Death Race desperately tries to resurrect some of the bad-ass cred that it lost by reducing the gore content from the original Death Race 2000. Sorry buddy — Walk away from as many explosions as you like, this movie still won't beat its predecessor. In a future world where prisoners race to the death for our viewing pleasure, Jensen Ame (Statham) must race to live after he's framed for murder. Click for a new gallery of the cast and cars.

Jason's hardened castmates include Machine-Gun Joe (Tyrese Gibson), the mean prison warden (Joan Allen) who forces Jensen to enter the Death Race, and Jensen's curvy navigator Case (Natalie Martinez). And here are a few new shots of the Death Race cars, including one tripped out bug with what looks like a group of missiles strapped to its back.