Yoda and Darth Vader step into the ring in the battle to wield the soul swords, in the latest version of killer video game Soul Calibur IV which means more Yoda flip fighting. SC IV, Namco's latest addition of their 3-D weapons-based fighting series, will feature either Yoda or Vader depending on your console. The PS3 game's additional character is Darth Vader and Xbox 360 will have Yoda. But even more intriguingly, both sets will include Vader's sexy-angry "Secret Apprentice" from The Force Unleashed as a playable character. Click through for pictures and an action-packed video.

All of that Force knowledge may turn out to be useful in the struggle between the holy sword Soul Calibur and it's other, darker half Soul Edge. I just hope the Star Wars characters beat the crap out of the ridiculous SC IV guys.

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