In a move to gain street cred for his characters, Wanted director Timur Bekmambetov did away with the kooky superhero outfits from Mark Millar's original graphic novel. Yet he chose to include a totally bizarre plot device, the loom of life. In a new batch of Wanted pictures, you can see both Wesley Gibson (James McAvoy) and Sloan (Morgan Freeman) messing about with one of these magic looms, which determine the fate of everyone. I'm going to have to call shenanigans because I, personally, believe that a man dressed up in shiny long johns is way more plausible than a fabric-of-life loom. Click through for loom-related spoilers, and more Wanted pictures.

According to InstantCast, while filming Wanted in Prague, the production crew assembled a large textile factory jam-packed with destiny looms. These are looms that create fabrics which are interwoven with the destinies of people. And it turns out there's a mythical land where all-seeing weavers determine the balance of the world. Let's all hope Wanted has more flipping vipers and bendy bullets, and less fancy loom analogies. [Wanted]