Why he rules: Miles Teves got his start working as a concept illustrator with Rob Bottin Productions, helping to design the unique look of Paul Weller's cyborg body in RoboCop. Since then, he's done everything from masks to makeup to concept design to storyboarding. A sculptor since he made dinosaurs as a child, Teves has been credited as "sculptor" for a few movies, including Iron Man, King Kong and Bicentennial Man. He helped design the visual effects for the Men In Black films and Mission To Mars, and helped design some of MIB's distinctive-looking aliens. And he helped to storyboard Terminator 3 (see below for a few frames, and see his site for way more.)

What he's working on: He did concept art for the Jim Caviezel Vikings-vs-aliens movie Outlander (which looks amazing). And he's working on Terminator 4, the Christian Bale-robot-apocalypse movie that just started shooting.