We're trying a bit of an experiment with morning spoilers — instead of dumping all the spoilers below the fold, we've created separate pages with spoilers for each movie/show/whatever. So if you don't want to know which characters from Transformers will be back in the sequel, you can avoid clicking that link. But if you're dying to see a new Incredible Hulk TV spot, in which Liv Tyler asks a weirdly sexual Hulk-related question, you can click the Hulk link. Also, if you want a motherlode of Battlestar/Caprica spoilers — including one actor naming the final cylon! (And then claiming it was a joke), click the BSG link. Ditto for some new Doctor Who plot info and rumors, and our wealth of new revelations on J.J. Abrams' not-an-X-Files-clone show Fringe. We've read some script pages from an upcoming Stargate: Atlantis episode and dug up some new stills in which Robert Picardo looks quite fetching, but you can easily avoid seeing those by accident now. And you can also completely avoid some new Kyle XY spoilers. Your spoiler choices are infinitely customizable. So let us know what you think!

Transformers 2:

Incredible Hulk:

Battlestar Galactica/Caprica:


Stargate: Atlantis:



Kyle XY:

Doctor Who: