Exactly what does it take to bring out the Hulk's nice side in his new movie? You'll never know, unless you consume the forbidden fruit of spoilers. Other dark secrets revealed this morning include which one companion on Doctor Who is the most important woman in the universe, and what you can expect when the Transformers come to your street. It's also your last chance to indulge in Lost spoilers for a good long time. And there's one more crucial sign that Heroes is fully embracing its extended-family soap-opera elements, for good or ill. Spoilers are medicinal!

Incredible Hulk:

Remember that Incredible Hulk trailer we posted where there's a brief flash of the Hulk showing his softer side in a thunderstorm with his girlfriend Betty? Turns out there's a whole sequence where the Hulk tries to shelter Betty in a rainstorm and bangs his head on some low-hanging rocks. He gets freaked out at the thunder and rages against the lightning. But Betty finally talks him into just sitting quietly so they can watch the storm overhead. Also, the film's Stan Lee cameo is Lee's weirdest yet. [Ain't It Cool News]

Also, Bruce Banner doesn't undergo the dentist-chair experiment that turns him into the Hulk because he wants strength, but just because he's testing out a theory. And the overall arc of the Hulk movie is Banner learning that the Hulk can be a hero. Also, the spoiler we reported last December, that the movie has flashbacks to the Hulk's origin threaded throughout it, was true back then. But since then, the origin flashbacks have all been moved to the film's opening credits. [Latino Review]

Transformers 2:

Transformers 2 is filming across the street from some guy's house, and the filming will include military helicopters, "large-scale pyrotechnics," prop guns, squibs and large lights. [The Daily Dump, via Comic Book Resources]


Last-minute spoilers for tonight's Lost finale: Emilie de Ravan, who plays Claire, is completely confused about what's happening with her character. And she says you'll get no Claire closure tonight — although she does pop up in an "unexpected" way. [DocArzt]


Another actor spills the beans: Keamy actor Kevin Durand pretty much confirmed he dies tonight. And he says Keamy has reasons beyond money for doing what he's doing. They relate to his family, and explain why he's working at the pace he's working at. [Spoilers Lost]

Three original Lost cast members won't survive tonight's finale. And we'll definitely find out how Ben turned up in Tunisia wearing that parka. [Ask Ausiello]


Doctor Who:

Some spoilers from Doctor Who Magazine: We visit a Chinese flea market on the planet Shan Shen (really.) This is part of "Turn Left," the "Doctor-lite" episode that precedes the two-part season finale. It includes flashbacks that touch on the whole of David Tennant's era as the Doctor. And it's sort of a Sliding Doors riff, showing how things could have gone differently at different points in the Tennant years. We get to see some of the ditzy Donna from before she met the Doctor on her wedding day. And here's a snatch of dialogue:


Donna: I'm nothing special. I'm a temp! I'm not even that! I'm nothing.

Rose: Donna Noble, you are the most important woman in creation.

But don't assume Rose will be on Donna's side, at least at first.

Also, we'll see more glimpses of Rose before she returns properly in "Turn Left." The episode before "Turn Left," "Midnight," takes place on a "diamond planet" and hardly features Donna because she's off sunbathing on the beach. (Actually because actor Catherine Tate was busy filming "Turn Left.") We learn more about what the Doctor was going to say to Rose before he lost contact with her alternate universe at the end of season two, on Bad Wolf Bay. Rose has "hardened" and gotten sad and lonely, but also tougher. [The Disciples Of Donna]

Here are a few new pics, supposedly of the return of old companion Rose in the Doctor Who season finale. [Sunny Tyler]


The biological mother of Heroes' crucial cheerleader will pop up for five episodes next season. [Ask Ausiello again]