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50 years of Avengers members on one minimalist poster

Illustration for article titled 50 years of Avengers members on one minimalist poster

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth's mightiest heroes, artist Michael Mateyko created this poster, featuring minimalist portraits of the myriad Avengers members throughout the years. He created the poster for April's Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo, but it's already available at Komboh's Society6 store.


Avengers 50th Anniversary poster for CCEE 2013 [Komboh via Geek Art Gallery]

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Is there such a thing as superhero over saturation. You get so many heros you can't keep their personal stories straight or care if they die. Do we really need 10 superheros that are fire based or frost based? Hordes of androids, cyborgs, and man machines. At this point it seems there is so much super hero crossover that being a super hero seems less super and more of a talent like pianist or magician. X-men I could get because it was an emergent mutation in the human population not just a guy who was playing with an "alien artifact" or "gamma radiation". Do you know why there are more gay superheros, because they ran out of straight superhero plot lines.