50 Years Ago, the Very First Star Trek Pilot Started Filming

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The official 50th anniversary of Star Trek is in 2016, which will be fifty years from the first airing of Star Trek on television. The Original Series' "The Man Trap" aired on September 8, 1966. But, as memorialized by Leonard Nimoy, the unaired pilot "The Cage" began filming on December 3, 1964.


As fans already know, the form that made Star Trek famous, with Spock, McCoy, and Kirk, was the second iteration of the show. The very first had Captain Pike, Number One, and Spock and its pilot was "The Cage," which was later incorporated into the two-part season one episode "The Menagerie." "The Cage" wasn't seen by regular viewers in its unedited form until 1988.

Nimoy tweeted that today was the fiftieth anniversary of the very first time cameras rolled on any version of Star Trek:


So take some time to acknowledge not only fifty years of Star Trek but that even classics had to spend years reworking themselves before we got to see them.

[via The Hollywood Reporter]

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Was just thinking of all the Star Trek (os and ng) stuff we now have tech for:

Communicators = Cell phones

Transaluminum = Graphene

Replicator = 3 D printer (They just put one on the ISS)

Phasers ≈ Tasers

Tricorders ≈ Cell phones

Space age Computers ≈ Modern Computers

Warp Drive ≈ Warp Drive (nascent)

Tractor Beam ≈ Tractor beam (nascent)

Dr. McCoy's tools ≈ infared thermometer, fitbit, wristwatch BP monitor, Cell phones with access to all known medical knowledge.

Holodeck ≈ oculus rift