5 Tricks to Convince People Your Fake Horror Story Really Happened

What are the five secrets to making a great "true" horror story? We reveal them all to you . . . and then something terrifying happens! Will Esther survive? Will the studio where we shoot this show ever be the same? Is it dangerous to get glowing green goo on your hands? Find out . . . in this completely real episode of We Come From the Future.


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Esther Inglis-Arkell

Hello from the alien mothership, where they have WiFi! It seems that aliens have moved away from dissection and probing, and on to tedious sociological surveys. If anyone could tell me my paternal great-grandmother's maiden name, I would be grateful.

I was supposed to be back by now, but unfortunately a small rickety ship flew up to us, broadcast the message, "People are Florgons, too," and threw green glowing paint at us, shorting out the navigational systems. Hopefully they'll be fixed by next week.