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5 Things We Want To See In The Clone Wars TV Show

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By now you'll have seen the movie - or, perhaps, decided that you don't want to see the movie because even just the idea of Ahsoka has scared you off - and know what kind of thing to expect from the upcoming Star Wars: The Clone Wars TV show: Anakin Skywalker frowning a lot and hanging out with stormtroopers and stereotypically camp Hutt monsters. But that's not enough for us, so here are five additional ways that the Clone Wars could win our hearts.Newness: One of my biggest problems with the movie was that we all knew that the majority of the characters were going to finish the movie pretty much as they started it, because we've all seen their futures in Revenge Of The Sith already. By introducing new characters whose fates we don't know, you bring in tension and hopefully the ability for stories that don't have to tread water when it comes to character development. The same goes for new aliens, new worlds - One of the great things about Star Wars when you were a kid was that it was full of cool new things, whether it was the Death Star, Jabba The Hutt, freezing Harrison Ford in carbonite or the creepy concept of incest. It'd be nice to get back to that with this new series. Except without the incest part.

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Death: Alternatively, you could just introduce new characters to kill them off, as well. War is meant to Be Hell, people, so let's see the Clone Wars living up to that - There should be real cost to both sides for this to be worth the fact that characters were still talking about it during the original Star Wars trilogy. Comedy: It's not that the Clone Wars movie doesn't try to be funny, just that it tries in the same way that the second trilogy tried... In other words, badly. One of the strengths of the original Star Wars movies were that they didn't take themselves too seriously (helped by having actors who didn't take it that seriously at all), and that kind of irreverence to the mythology is exactly what this new series needs.

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Make The Jedis Cool Again: Yes, we all know that no-one really cares about that Midichloran thing from The Phantom Menace, but explaining away the Force was just one in a long line of steps that have taken away the mystery and magic of everyone's favorite lightsaber-wielding good guys since the original trilogy. Let's see some of that return in the new TV show... and if that fails, just put in lots of awesome lightsaber duels. More Ziro The Hutt: Oh, you know you want that as well. He should do the opening of each episode, Rod Sterling-style: "Ah do declayah, those Jedahs are still fightin' those robots!" If ever a character has personified so many faults of a franchise (Unfunny, ill-cast and potentially offensive stereotype of a... gay slug... okay, maybe not that last one) and yet still somehow been as hilariously ridiculous as Ziro, I haven't seen them - but there's very little downside to seeing a lot more of this colorful citizen of Corsucant.

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Josh Wimmer

Better Names: Does anyone else just roll their goddamn eyes every time they pick up an SF book and all the names have y's instead of short i's, and apostrophes and dashes? Is it just me, or have most of the Star Wars names since the original trilogy*, in both the movies and the books, just sounded so fucking much like they're "crazy names you would never hear on Earth" that they make it harder to suspend your disbelief?

Luke Skywalker. Han Solo. Leia Organa. Obi Wan Kenobi. Greedo. Jabba the Hutt. Lando Calrissian. These are iconic names, that immediately suggest something about the characters' personalities and don't resort to bizarre spellings with extraneous letters. Talon Karrde? Qui-Gon Jinn? Shmi? In my humble opinion, which is the correct opinion: STUPID.

*With the notable exception of Thrawn and Pellaeon.