Monsters aren't exactly known for being reliable, yet there are certain indefatigable triggers that bring out the beast in the best of them. As a public safety reminder, we've teamed up with Syfy's supernatural soap, Being Human, to bring you this list of 5 things that can turn your friendly neighborhood fiend into a snarling creature of the night. Proceed at your own risk.

The Smell of Blood

Nothing like a whiff of B+ to bring out the negative. No monster, be he wolf, vamp, or undead, can resist the scent of unfiltered humanity. So the next time you get a paper cut at the office, take a quick glance around. If Clarence from Accounting is licking his lips at you more than usual, he may have an unholy thirst that needs quenching.



For as long as there have been virgins, there have been monsters that want to eat them. Mina Harker, Buffy, Bella—all three of these comely young lasses have been known to tease out the worst in their paramours. Best way to avoid an untimely end? Hook up with everyone, and try to stay away from the pretty white nightie aisle at your local department store.

The Moon

A Ugandan proverb states that "When the moon is not full, the stars shine more brightly." But, man, when the moon is full, nothing gets the crazies howling louder. Feel like being monster bait? Just take a little midnight stroll and prepare to make all sorts of new and drooly friends along the way!



Suspect that someone you know might be suffering from something more sinister than Seasonal Affect Disorder? Try telling them you kissed their sister or kicked their dog. If they start sprouting fangs or claws or unsightly back hair, it's very possible you have a monster in your midst.


Mysterious Chemicals

Hmm what's in this glowing green test tube? I better drink it to find out. Oh! This is odd, I seem to have sprouted a tail and an insatiable hunger for human flesh. Mad scientists never seem to learn—do not sample your own wares, unless it is indeed your intention to become a sociopathic mutant. If that's the case, then by all means, go ahead.


So depending on your proclivities, use these tips to avoid or attract the monster of your nightmares. And don't forget to tune in tonight at 9PM ET/PT for the season 2 premiere of Being Human—only on Syfy.