5 lesser-known Wonder Woman powers that need to make a comeback

Warner Brothers announced yesterday that they're making a new Wonder Woman TV series. Sure, she'll have the lasso, the bracelets, and (hopefully) the invisible jet, but will she have the power to skateboard like a champ?


Here are five of Wonder Woman's superpowers that are all too frequently downplayed. They may be forgotten to time, but they're not lost to the annals of awesomeness. And now, I turn the floor to the illustrious Lynda Carter to demonstrate said abilities.


5.) The power to skateboard like a pro.
On the Wonder Woman TV series, W.W. demonstrated the ability to manifest skateboarding gear. I suppose this is an indicator that the Greek pantheon were fans of sidewalk surfing. Hey Athena, pop an ollie!

4.) Ability to talk with friendly fauna.
Yes, Wonder Woman can placate animals just by hanging around them. Starlings, silverback gorillas, moray eels, lampreys, deer ticks, silverfish, you name it. No wonder no one respects Aquaman. He can recruit sea cucumbers to fight maritime-themed supervillains; Wonder Woman can entice komodo dragons and snow leopards into picking up her dry cleaning.

3.) The power to manifest a motorcycling leotard.
Wonder Woman possessed the power to become a leotard-clad Hell's Angel. Note that this transformation requires two spins. Sure, the motorcycling outfit was the same as her aquatic suit, but the additional presence of a motorcycle made the overall effect far less lewd.

2.) The power to manifest a cape with its own funky soundtrack.
Wonder Woman doesn't sport a cape often (both in comics and other forms of media), but when she does, it's like Bootsy Collins himself has ensconced his body within the fabric. On a similar note, that show needed more musical numbers.

1.) The boomerang tiara.
Her hat is a boomerang. I repeat, her hat is a boomerang. That requires a knowledge of aerodynamics even Batman isn't privy to.


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Communing w animals didn't work here.