5 gift ideas for the geek at heart

Here's the thing about holidays: With all the stress of shopping for the perfect present, they're never as fun as they should be.

But we're here to fix that with the help of the all-new Outlook.com. Keep tabs on all your online orders with the "Shipping Updates" Quick View inbox filter then get a quick, automatic preview of the status of your package with Outlook.com's Active View feature — which gives you more time to focus on the important stuff, like finding a LOTR elf costume for your cat.


So stop stressing, start jingling your bells, and check out our favorite gift ideas below.

Mario Canvas Block, $70 for three prints

The best part about Etsy: The site is chock-full of gear based on our favorite gaming and genre brands — like this trio of hangable canvas prints, which are just tempting us to bounce off the sofa and head butt them Mario-style.

Retro Alien Couch, $5000

Speaking of sofas, the one thing missing from your loved-one's pad? This Space Invaders-inspired couch. Even if it doesn't help you invade their space (if you know what we mean) — it will serve as a great litmus test for relationship material: They scoff, you scram. Time to turn on your attract mode.


Iron Throne Paperweight, $60

Honestly, considering the average tenure of a Westeros monarch, owning the Iron Throne doesn't have much allure. Instead, we'll settle for this paperweight, which doubles as a blunt force object — perfect for intimidating your imaginary enemies.


Gerber Apocalypse Kit, $349

Eagle-eyed watchers of The Walking Dead might notice that this is the same stash of survival gear our post-apocalyptic protagonists stumbled upon early on in season two. Included in the canvas carrying case: Three different types of machetes, three types of knives, and an axe. You know — just in case.


Jedi Bath Robe, $90

Even a Jedi Master has to stay squeaky clean. Thankfully, this soft fleece robe does double-duty as Sith-slaying gear and post-shower wear. Feeling Darth-y? It also comes in black.


So, if you want to stuff these goodies under your holiday-themed plant of choice, place your orders, then make sure to check out Outlook.com's Quick View and the Active View features. From your inbox, just click the "Shipping updates" link on the left side of your screen (it's under "Quick views"), and boom: All your tracking number emails in one handy-dandy place plus a preview of each package's status at the top of each message, without the need to leave your inbox.


Seth Porges is a New York-based writer, editor, on-air commentator, and entrepreneur.


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