Every once in a while a film comes out that is so terrible, it's amazing. I like to call these sort of films, drinking-game movies. Judging from new clips, Dragonball Evolution has found its niche.

Maybe it's time to stop being so hard on Dragonball Evolution and start seeing it for what it really is: an excuse to get drunk and laugh, much like Chris Klein's performance in The Legend Of Chun Li. Every time it sounds like the actors are reading off cue cards, take a drink. Whenever Piccolo tries to frighten someone, take a drink. Every time the movie tries to recreate an anime joke in real life and it doesn't work, do a shot. I see this movie having a long life on TNT at 2 AM.


Here's are a few clips to get you started, feel free to add your own rules. I was thinking about having a drink whenever the female actors act super tough!

Dragonball Evolution will be out on April 10th.

More clips available at IGN


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