5 clips from Arthur Christmas will awaken your cold, black heart

Believe it or not, the latest addition to the Christmas movie genre, Arthur Christmas, is kind of fun. When we caught a sneak peek, we were impressed with how this Aardman Animations film plays with the mythology of Santa Claus, and turned the reign of Claus into into a bit of a monarchy.


These first ever clips from the holiday film show off the great legacy of Santa, and all the Mission Impossible-esque updates the family has implemented to make Christmas possible in today's world. Plus enjoy one sweet letter from a little girl, asking why she can't see the North Pole workshop on Google Earth.

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I am generally anti-Christmas movies (this comes from not actually observing it; and this statement does not apply to Scrooged) but for my love of James McAvoy, I will go see this just to hear him VA for a few hours. It can't be any worse than sitting through Gnomeo and Juliet for him, right?