Canadian Robot Conquers Space

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The looming 12-foot tall robot Dextre (pronounced "Dexter") just hitched a ride on the Space Shuttle Endeavour to be assembled on the International Space Station. When he's put together, the Canadian robot will be able to take on high-risk activities, like changing out components, that would otherwise require a spacewalk by the astronauts. Dextre's arms can extend out 11 feet, and each arm has seven joints, allowing him to position his gripper hands and built-in socket wrenches in all sorts of hard-to-reach spots. Click through for a diagram of Dextre, plus a video of Dextre dancing.


Canadian Robot Conquers Space

Canadian Robot Conquers Space

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@graphicNinja: Don't forget Aykroyd...

Canada... saving the world through Improv and robot arms.

In a semi-related note I'm shocked this hasn't spiraled into an "America so does not suck" post fight.

aaand scene.