Kaguya Satellite Shoots Stunning Earthrise and Earthset Videos

This is an absolutely stunning (and completely real) video of Earthrise on the Moon. Every once and a while we need a jolt to remind us just how small and fragile our little blue marble Earth is. The Japanese Kaguya satellite has delivered with these jaw-dropping high-definition videos of what Earthrise and Earthset look like in lunar orbit. See Earthset below.

These videos were recently screened at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum. Yes, they look fake. Yes, they look like special effects. They aren't. Damn, it must've been a lonely feeling being aboard one of the Apollo missions forty years ago, watching Earth dip out of view for the first time. (via The Planetary Society)

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it's the lighting that does it...

there are very few circumstances in normal human life where we see

anything lit with unfiltered direct sunlight only, no scattering,

attenuation, diffusion etc...