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Fringe Spoilers 05/30

Joshua Jackson says his character Peter Bishop is a reluctant hero, who's a very smart stupid man. And he has lots of daddy issues due to his mad scientist father. And the show is about looking more closely at the things you think you already know, and then you'll see something new. [E! Online]

And here's a longer promo, with more footage of Olivia interacting with the aforementioned mad scientist:


Creator J.J. Abrams says Olivia, Peter and daddy Bishop face off against "this very shadowy network of [what are] essentially researchers, who are playing with science and pushing it in ways that are increasingly terrifying. And these three are basically the good guys who try to police them." And he admits X-Files is an "inspiration" for the show, along with some other shows. [FringeTV]

Oh, and mad scientist Walter Bishop is the character who admits he's wet his own pants at one point during the pilot. (We'd reported the pants-wetting previously, but not who the wetter was.) [Televisionary]


Olivia is a pariah in the FBI because of her past as a special investigator for the Marines. So Broyles, her boss, saddles her with the weakest lead in investigating the whole melted-people airplane thing. But that lead turns out to be the one that pays off. [The Futon Critic]

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She looks and sounds, incredibly annoying. Yet again, J.J A brams succeeds in creating characters I couldn't give a shit about in a long-winded, ultimately empty narrative.*Sigh*

Oh and this is the same trailer you posted before, nothing new.

Oh and Joshua Jackson is painful to watch, always.