When Humans Punch Aliens: The Video Remix

Sure, we come in peace and all that. But sometimes, when we encounter alien life forms, the only way we can communicate is by using our built-in universal translators: the ones with five knuckles and a thumb. Here's our compilation of the greatest scenes from movies and TV where a human socks an alien. (To the tune of "Mama Said Knock You Out" by LL Cool J.)


Thanks to Lauren Davis for all the research help.

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Charlie Jane Anders

@EracMan: Yep, Batman beats the shit out of Predator in a fan-made movie that you can find on Youtube. (With fairly high production values.) And Sisko punching Q is one of the few great moments from DS9 season one. (In the clip, Q is saying "Picard never hit me." And Sisko replies, "I'm not Picard.")