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The Prisoner May Be The One Scifi Show Worth Remaking

Illustration for article titled The Prisoner May Be The One Scifi Show Worth Remaking

Before there was Lost's Dharma Initiative there was The Village from the trippy/paranoid 1960s TV series The Prisoner. And now a six-part miniseries is in the works remaking this spy-trapped-in-paradise show, starring Jim "Jesus" Caviezel as Number 6 and Ian McKellen as his main adversary, Number 2. More details about the future fantasy Prisoner after the jump.


Six of One, the Prisoner fan page claims that Ian McKellen will play one of the men in charge of The Village, Number 2. Also shooting starts the first week of August in Namibia, South Africa. There will be total of 6 one-hour episodes written by Bill Gallagher (scribe for Conviction).

The original Prisoner followed a former spy known only as Number 6 (Patrick McGoohan) who's imprisoned inside the futuristic town-prison named The Village. Everyone who is taken to this remote location was brought there to keep their knowledge away from the public and to have their secrets discovered by the mysterious jailers. Number 6 can't escape and doesn't know why he's there, and he ends up spending a majority of his time trying to uncover who his captors are.


Yay, finally a new scifi remake that deserves some attention. It's a simple idea that can easily be translated and updated without butchering the plot or ideas of the original. Bring it on I say, especially with McKellen as the crafty Number 2. [Six Of One and Wired]

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I loved the prisoner, but it was so much an artifact of the time and culture in which it was created, that it may prove to be exceedingly difficult in today's modern climes to adapt it without mangling it and losing it's relevancy. Perhaps if it could be adapted to today's paranoid fear and loathing on the part of the government against freedom and terrorism it might just stand a chance of being relevant.

To me, it was more the psychological suspense of not knowing what the heck was really going on or who was #2 that week, that kept me coming back. When it is remade, I sure hope they keep rover nice and vintatge 60's weather balloon, rather than reimagining the whole thing.

And, totally off track, I loved the Simpsons episode where Homer was kidnapped to the island for revealing that flu shots caused xmas holiday binge spending.

Be seeing you.