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Sexy Serbian Vixen Steals McFly's Hoverboard In New Scifi Animation

Illustration for article titled Sexy Serbian Vixen Steals McFlys Hoverboard In New Scifi Animation

Looking like she stepped out of Back To The Future II, Edit is a Serbian girl who's implanted with a chip to help her study. But soon, she discovers that the chip also gives her super powers. The movie Technotise is actually CG even though it looks hand-drawn, thanks to the designers' painstaking attention to detail. The movie is based on the graphic novel series by Aleksa Gajic (who is also the director) and it comes out in November. Click through for the gorgeous trailer. Click to view
Technotise: Edit and I (Edit I Ja) trailer from Quiet Earth on Vimeo. Technotise - Edit and me
Click to view [Technoitse via Quiet Earth]


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papercup mixmaster

Dang. This looks pretty slick. I wanna see! When is it happening, and will I be able to find it in the US at all?